Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gracie as a Three-Year-Old

My oldest angelface turned three at the end of March. I haven't blogged about her (or blogged at all I guess) for a long time, but I want to have a record of what she's like at this point in her life, because ya know time flies.

Probably one of Gracie's biggest defining characteristics is what a sensitive, tender soul she is. If a movie or book has even the slightest moment of intensity, she covers her mouth and screams and watches with a look of utter horror on her face. The waterfall scene in A Goofy Movie? When Family Island collapses on Inside Out? COULD NOT. EVEN. HANDLE. IT. She gets teary if music sounds emotional. There is a YouTube video of the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" where a little owl flies around with a star in space and she is wiping her eyes by the end of it every time.

The first time this tenderness really manifested happens in the video below. And this video kills me. She was sobbing at the end of an episode of the BBC documentary Life. (If you've never seen it, it's basically Planet Earth again and it is amazing and both are on Netflix.) To this day I have no idea what caused that reaction; I think it was literally just the stirring music. 😂

If she gets in trouble or is talked to sternly at all, she hides her face and either bursts into tears or just completely shuts down. Recently she's started just running to her room, shutting the door, and diving into her books. If I go in before she's ready to deal, she says "No mom I'm reading!", so I'll leave, and then several minutes later she'll emerge perfectly happy and ready to talk. Which a pretty OK coping mechanism if you ask me. I love that she finds solace in books.


She has always been a cautious kid and is usually pretty hesitant to try new things. (I WONDER WHERE SHE GETS THAT FROM. Here's a hint: it's me.) She's never really been one to get into mischief either, for which I thank her. Even now that she sleeps in a big girl bed, she doesn't usually come out of her room until we come to get her even though I've told her she can, haha.

She potty-trained just before she turned 3, and it was ridiculously easy. I was so nervous to start because she was so resistant to the idea, but then one day I just said "no more diapers" and she basically did it herself and has only had a handful of accidents.

She has started drawing actual pictures and it is THE cutest thing ever. I now totally understand those parents who want to save every single drawing their kid makes. 😂

Gracie is hilarious. Seriously that girl cracks me up every day. She has such a funny little sense of humor.

She is so creative and can make a toy out of anything.

She has discovered Anna and Elsa and princesses in general through Frozen Fever (she still hasn't even seen the actual movie Frozen, haha). The other day she said, "Mommy, I'll be the monster, and you be a princess!" I said, "Oh, does the princess defeat the monster?" She replied, "Yes, she will put the monster in jail!" That's my girl.

It blows my mind how much she understands these days. She listens when I explain things to her and will often bring up something we'd talked about earlier. She tripped and fell once and after she calmed down, she said very matter-of-factly, "It's okay. We all get hurt sometimes." That girl, I swear.

She has always loved nursery until recently, and I think it's because we kept her out for so long after her sister was born. 😔  Esther was a winter baby and winter means sickness and nursery is basically the most disease-ridden place on the planet besides the pediatrician (*shudder*). So it worked, we didn't get sick...buuuuut now we have a child who refuses to go to class. Eh.

Some other random facts about her in no particular order:
  • Her favorite color is white.
  • She's moved on from Curious George to Bubble Guppies and Peppa Pig (which, if you have never seen it, is actually a pretty cute show, plus Gracie starts saying things with a British accent after watching it so it's awesome) and (what can I say, she's watched a lot of TV since Esther was born).
  • She refuses to wear anything but dresses and skirts and sometimes wears both simultaneously.
  • She is very affectionate and often hugs me and says "I love you mom!" She is such a loving (often fiercely) big sister. She can't get enough of her baby and Esther just loves her.
  • She asks for a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch every single day.
  • She is good at puzzles and has such a sharp memory, I am amazed (and also kind of terrified) all the time by what she remembers.
  • She loves to dance and watch people dance. The music video for "Chandelier" by Sia has been one of her favorite videos for over a year now and she loves to watch Cyrus the "Robot Dancer".

And I know she is mine, but man I still can't get over just how dang cute she is to look at. She is leaving toddlerhood and turning into a little girl. With her big blue eyes, dimpled cheeks, and eyelashes for days...her little face just kills me.

She loves riding her bike. She thinks two graham crackers, or one granola bar, or five dark chocolate chips are a dessert (or "something special", as we call it in our house). She still makes a loud swallowing sound when she drinks and she has done so her entire life. She knows her right and left, has known all her letters and numbers since she was a year, and she knows how to use the computer and can navigate YouTube by herself (I know, yikes). She is constantly singing and making up songs. She is obsessed with watching cake tutorials on YouTube. She uses words like "perfect" and "lovely". She still loves to be read to. Every morning when she sees Esther she says, "Hiiiiiiii! I love my baby sister, she's so cute, she's so lovely!" She likes jumping in muddy puddles. She's energetic and opinionated and creative and wonderful. She's just the best and we just love her.

You'll notice that in all these pictures she's wearing a dress...I wasn't kidding about that, haha.