Sunday, March 1, 2015

A peek at the new digs if you're into that kinda thing

Nothin' fancy, it's always either too hot or too cold, the bathroom door doesn't latch, and the basement floods every time it rains, but it's in a pretty neighborhood and we're close to everything in town so really I can't complain. Most of these are a little out of date now and things have shifted slightly, but I didn't feel like taking new pictures.

The exterior

And now the interior.

Firstly, I present unto you the upstairs.
Our bedroom 
The dogs' bedroom
Honestly I'm not sure what the point of this room is. It's connected to our room via the door you can see in our room on the far right, and also to the hallway outside the bathroom. You could maybe fit a king-sized mattress (no frame) in there and possibly still have room to open the door. So we just use it for the dogs and our dirty clothes and as Christian's closet. (Also sorry for the open closet, but you can't close the door unless you use baby hangers apparently.)

Our tiny bathroom which I actually really like. I dig the subway tile.
Upstairs hallway
Our room is immediately right, then the attic door, then Gracie's room. The bathroom and dogs' room are behind me.

Gracie's room
I would not have chosen this color and I didn't bother trying to work with it either. Blue is neutral, riiight? ;)

And now for the downstairs.
Living room

Living room from the opposite side
Dining room
Our table looks ridiculously small in this ridiculously huge room, and we had to put the rest of our stuff somewhere, so here's what happened. And I hate, hate, hate the color of the walls in here. Sooo much red...

Weird little nook off the kitchen and dining room (not my curtains)
Please note the lovely salmon-colored tile, especially paired with the blue walls and red curtains.

Kitchen (again not my curtains)

View from the front door

View from the weird kitchen nook

My photo wall which I gaze lovingly at every time I use the stairs

Also we have a basement...

With a cozy bedroom for all our guests, complete with rotted out baseboards and painted a delightful shade of neon green...

...with your very own fully functional bathroom! Please note the claw-foot tub, into which the sink drains, resting in the bed of pebbles encased by a cement landscape border. Charming!

And to top it off, this room of nightmares can be found through a door behind the washing machine, featuring dank smells, rusty metal, a six-foot dirt mountain, and numberless hordes of spider crickets.

Come stay with us! ;)

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