Friday, January 31, 2014

Ten Months

Ten months, ten months, we're entering double digits people! This month Gracie has really taken off. It was like once she started crawling, everything else started falling into place really quickly. She now pulls to standing, crawls normally on occasion (instead of the army crawl), says "up" and "dad", can drink out of a regular cup (NOT a sippy cup!) almost by herself, and understands lots of signs. She has 5 1/2 teeth now and loves to grind them together, much to her mother's discomfort. She loves to point and is very cautious with new things, touching them very gingerly. She likes other kids/babies okay, but her true passion in life is dogs. Homegirl goes nuts for them! She recently has taken interest in photographs of people, especially babies. She could look at them all day. Also, she has finally realized that it's her in the mirror. Diaper changes have become very eventful these days as she's started throwing fits for some reason. She also cries whenever I leave the room, and I do mean WHENEVER. She's becoming a serious little fireball, which I was not expecting, haha, but I'll take it. We love our little Gruce.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nine Months

I know, I know, Gracie will be ten months in two days and I'm just now getting her nine month update posted.

This little goomba is nine months today! So she's been out as long as she was in. She started crawling for real this month (well, salamander crawling), there wasn't really an exact day. Still loves food. Her sleeping has taken a backseat as her top 2 teeth have started to come in...just when we were getting somewhere, too! But, c'est la vie with a baby I suppose. She started saying "dada" this month! I don't think she says it with any meaning behind it yet, but it is still dang cute. Mostly she just growls, screams, and pants, and we think it's because she spends 95% of her time with dogs. :) I really do feel like she understands a lot of what we say to her, though, and it's so cool to see her pay such rapt, intelligent attention when I talk to her. Stranger danger is really starting to set in, also. If I am in sight, no one else is allowed to hold her. But as long as she can't see me, she's fine! So yes, sometimes I do hide from her to get a break. A lot of people comment on what a serious baby she is, but that's really only when there are new people around. She's pretty smiley around us. :) She is just so much fun these days (aside from the teething moodiness), and gosh dang we love this gal!