Sunday, June 6, 2010


Welcome to the family, Miss Sadie!

We adopted her from the Lynchburg Humane Society on May 20th. The Rockbridge SPCA turned us down (because we lived in Treemont), but I told the Lynchburg people that she'd be staying with my family until we got a house, which would be in like a week. They called up my mom to make sure, and then they let me bring her home! She is a 4-month-old German Shepherd (one of my favorite breeds) mix, and she was there with her brother and mom. I was having a hard time choosing between her and this little 3-month-old pit bull (her brother wasn't in the running because I already knew I wanted a female; males pee on everything!). I guess I ended up picking her because she tugged on my heartstrings a little harder. :) She was also already spayed (the pit bull wasn't), so we could take her home immediately and not have to bother with that whole procedure.

We love having her here. :) She has already changed so much in the two weeks we've had her. She went from this:

To this:

To this:

And this was taken today!

It's a little blurry but she looks so much like a German Shepherd now, it's crazy. Let's hope she gets as big as one... :)

So far she has proven to be incredibly smart (she can sit, lay down, and shake!), likes to ride in the car (which is awesome because my family has ALWAYS had carsicky dogs), and is super attached to me. Like, seriously attached. She follows me EVERYWHERE, like from room to room, which is cute, but a lot of times I feel bad because she'll be sound asleep, but when she hears me leaving she gets up to come with me. So I often try to sneak away.

She looks like she's going to be protective too, which is awesome. She seems to do pretty well with kids (she loves Benjamin, this little 11-month-old my mom watches). Her main vice so far is BARKING. She barks at EVERYONE outside of my family. I don't get it! She'll be wagging her tail and tentatively licking their hand, but barking and growling at the same time. She also doesn't always listen (mainly she doesn't come when I call her), which is a trait in dogs I absolutely CANNOT ABIDE. I keep telling myself that she's only 4 months old, she'll learn. But the thing is, when I call her, most of the time she knows EXACTLY what I'm saying. Like last night I was going to bed, so I was trying to get her in the room with me so I could close the door. She stopped in the doorway, looked at me...and turned and went the other way. I followed her down the hall and said her name. She stopped again and looked at me, cocking her head and wagging her tail, and just stood there. Completely ignoring my command. UTTERLY WILLFUL DISOBEDIENCE! I had to go pick her up and carry her to our room.

Any suggestions on how to deal with these two problems? I want her to be protective and bark at strangers, but not once she realizes they're ok, you know?

Also, in other news, we got a house. Well, we're renting a house, to put it correctly. It's a five bedroom, three bathroom monstrosity, and it's ours for a mere $650 a month. ?!?! Can you believe that? I don't have any pictures yet; I've been waiting until everything is organized and put away, but maybe it would be a good idea to do some before-and-afters...hmm, probably, because then my interior decorating would most likely appear more impressive that way. I'll have to get on that.

(And we're looking for housemates...any takers?)

I'm also alone until Wednesday this week...Christian is down in Florida for Morgan's graduation. I was going to go too, as was Sadie, but AFTER we'd bought our tickets we were informed that it would cost an extra $200 to take the pup. Which would have doubled what we'd spent on tickets for BOTH of us TOTAL! I really didn't want to leave Sadie behind, because we hadn't had her very long and I didn't want her to feel abandoned or to forget me. I also didn't want to put the burden of caring for a non-house-trained, chewy puppy on someone else. So I decided to stay. But Christian's trip to Florida proved to be quite eventful, to say the least. He ended up missing his flight because the Allegiant Air ticket guy closed up his counter early. ANGRY SURPRISED FACE. But then his mom told him that his older brother Neil, who lives in North Carolina, was driving down that night with two of his kids, as a surprise, and that if Christian hurried, he might be able to catch him before he left. So he called Neil and we made plans to meet him in Statesville, NC (a good 2.5, 3 hours away from Roanoke), later that afternoon. It was a lot of driving on a hot day in a car with no AC, and I think I sweated more that day than I have my entire life, but it was worth it for Christian to be there for his little brother. (At least, I hope.)

Until next time, my loyal blog readers!