Friday, February 19, 2010

I hate coming up with a title.

Ok so I need to get better at updating this here bloggy. Sorry. Come to think of it, I don't know if anyone actually even reads it, so maybe I have nothing to be sorry for, haaa.

So what's been going on in the wide world of the Buena Vistan Blackwelders? Well there are two more shows that I love: Glee and The Middle. Oh my gosh, The Middle is so freakin' funny. Glee is really funny too, and the music is awesome (as a side note, I am listening to the tunes right now).

Oh yeah and I got my ears pierced! It was actually on New Year's Day, but I hadn't mentioned it yet. This was a very exciting occasion for me. :) I've been toying with the idea of piercing them for a while now. I'd see cute earrings in the store and be like, "Ohh, I can't wear them." Plus every once in a while I'd get earrings as a gift from people who I guess didn't know my ears weren't pierced, and it was always disappointing because I couldn't even use them. But NOW I can!

Ummm...oh! Christian's dad came to visit at the end of January for a weekend, and it was really fun. We drove to Norfolk to visit two of his brothers, Brian and Shawn. We went to a gun range with Brian and that was fun! And kind of scary. I shot this huge assault rifle, and a .45 pistol, and a .22. I was the most scared of the AR, but it turned out to be not NEARLY as bad as the little pistol. Oh my gosh, that little guy scared the LIFE out of me every time I pulled the trigger. It had this deafening POW and it was all I could do to keep my arms straight. Plus there was a guy in the booth next to me who was shooting one as well, and the shells kept coming over the wall and hitting me in the head! Seriously! Which didn't help with my jitteriness. I had to mentally prepare myself every time I pulled the trigger, it was awful. I was done after one shot with that thing, but Brian made me go through two whole clips (or magazines? Or are they the same thing? I can never remember), haha. This picture is me with the .45, if you can tell. Brian was trying to help me. He kept telling me to lean forward, but it was so hard for me! I was TERRIFIED of that thing; I don't think I was leaning back on purpose, it was my body's instinctive desire to PRESERVE MY LIFE. Every time he reminded me to lean into it instead of away from it, I'd think, "I didn't even realize I was leaning away...." Haha, I was so afraid that gun was going to kick back and hit me in the forehead. My arms were shaking with the effort of holding them so straight by the end. Here's a picture of Christian with the .45, too: He was a lot more skilled with it. :)

In other news, our semester is going well. We're both pretty busy. Christian will finish up his Business degree this semester. He'll still have about a year left of his Computer Science major, but that's if we decided to stay so he can finish it. We've been talking about maybe going out to BYU-Provo, so I can finish my degree there and Christian can get started on his Master's if he wants. Plus there are way more job opportunities out there. So we'll see what happens. Who knows where we'll end up next fall. I REALLY want to get out of Buena Vista. I am so ready to leave; I just feel like we aren't going anywhere here, and I do NOT want to be here for a whole year and a half longer, haha. But we'll see.

Our Valentine's Day was AWESOME! It was more like Valentine's Weekend than Day, though. On Friday we went out to eat at Don Tequila's, a Mexican restaurant here in town that we go to pretty often. Then Saturday we went to Lynchburg (did you know that's where ChapStick was invented?) and went shopping and ate at Cici's. We were going to see a movie, but there was nothing playing. BUT! Guess what I got for V-Day? ADOBE PHOTOSHOP! I was soooo flippin' excited! I don't know how to use it very well, but I'll figure it out! I also got a Gorilla Pod for my camera, which is like this bendy tripod thing. I got Christian these black dress shoes he's been eyeing at Ross for a while, which felt like nothing after he got me Photoshop, but he liked them. :) My hubby spoils me. Haha, you're probably thinking that none of those gifts sound very Valentines-y, and they're not I guess, but we were happy. Here's a picture of Christian on Valentine's Day. He didn't even know I took it. We took pictures together too, but I want to edit them in Photoshop first before I post them anywhere. I really liked this picture of him, though, so here it is. :)

Life is great.