Thursday, June 25, 2009

¡El Señor Alejandro está aquí!

And we are so excited! He is our new iMac, and he is BEAUTIFUL! I know we're talking about a machine here, but holy cow, Apple really has the eye candy thing down. That big, gorgeous monitor that you see right up there? That is the computer. There's no annoying separate CPU tower that you have to make room for. I don't know how anyone can want a Windows PC after laying eyes on the sheer magnificence of all twenty-four inches of a sleek, glossy-screened iMac. Yes, Macs are more expensive, but that's because you don't have to replace them every two years because of crashing, freezing, being bogged down with spyware, and/or being virus-prone. Not to mention the eventual and inevitable slowness that develops with PCs. Plus, Macs come complete with features and software that with a PC you'd have to purchase separately and install. And something else I love about Macs? Their customer service people, whether on the phone or chatting live on the internet, actually speak ENGLISH! Do you know how refreshing that is? They actually understand what you're talking about because they don't have to translate everything you say! Cough, Hewlett-Packard. And they are polite, too, which is more than I can say for other companies. Ahem, Microsoft.

I've been a Mac person ever since I got my little iBook G4, fondly known as Junior, for graduation over three years ago. Even though he is a little outdated, he still runs great and has never had a virus or any other problem. Last week, Christian and I were in the computer section of Wal-mart, and they had all these laptops out and turned on that you could play with...all of them PCs, mind you. And one of them had an interface that looked so similar to a Macintosh that we had to laugh. It had the Dock, the Apple (or in this case, Windows) bar at the top, everything. Poor little wannabe Mac!

Here is a video of us enjoying our new addition, from our new addition. :) Oh the joy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Apartment Update

So since we got cable, we had to rearrange our living room because the TV was nowhere near the cable jack. :( Sad! I really liked how it was before. But that's not all, we also got curtains (finally!), so here's a taste of our little living room:



Haha we tried to make the bookshelves and TV stand look like one big entertainment didn't really work. We forgot that the TV pokes off the back like six inches, so it sticks out into the room more. :) Oh well. I think it looks okay. And I don't know where else we'd put those shelves, anyway. We still have to recenter the pictures on the walls, as you may have noticed. Also, please note the Rock Band setup in the back corner of the first "AFTER" picture. Thank you.

Oh, and this is a painting by Greg Olsen that Christian got me for Christmas this past year. We bought the frame at Ikea for like $6 (score!) and finally got it custom-matted at Michael's a few weeks ago, which was a little pricey, but I love it. It's called "Walk With Me".

And last but not least, a couple weeks ago my mom had me do a photoshoot with Brandon, my almost-3-year-old foster brother. She wanted a picture of him for the wall, so I tried. I'd never tried to take "real" pictures of a person before, so it was a new experience. These are some of the pictures...I really want a new camera.

Cute, ain't he? The second picture turned out a little blurry, which is sad because I like it. Haha, and we refer to the next to last shot as the Troubled Youth. What's funny is that none of these were really posed...not even that Thinker shot! :)