Thursday, March 19, 2009

We are so married!

It's official now since we have a blog and all!

Over spring break we went with two other couples (Candace and Cisco, Elizabeth and Tyler) up to the temple. After we got out, we toured DC a little bit...which turned into a lot of walking since we'd unwittingly parked so far away. And it was freezing outside! Candace and Cisco wanted to go to the Holocaust Museum, but since everyone else had already been there,the rest of us decided to go to the Natural History one while they toured the Holocaust. Being the animal/biology freak that I am, the Natural History is probably my FAVORITE! :) They had this new live butterfly exhibit where you can go into this little butterfly habitat, full of flowers and plants and citrus fruits on sticks, and there are tons of butterflies everywhere. Normally it costs $6 a person to go in, but ironically, and luckily, it was FREE on Tuesdays! So we got to go in and it was AMAZING; I loved it.

Pretty sunrise on the way up.

The first glorious signs of spring!

Giant sloth skeleton. Incredibly, it was actually bigger than the mammoth skeleton right across from it...!

Commence the butterfly pictures (I desperately want a new camera....)

You can't really tell from the picture, but this butterfly was HUGE. I should have stuck in something normal-sized for scale. Each of its wings was probably the size of my hand, no joke.

O macro lens, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! (One of the many reasons for my desiring a camera update. A better macro lens! I am a bit macro crazy, and my poor little 4 megapixel Josh doesn't always do me justice. He tries!)

We had just been talking about how cool it would be if one landed on our hand, when this happened. That's my hand.

One of the neato owl-eye butterflies that I've always wanted to see! It was kind of ironic because they were probably the most abundant species in there.

The inside wings of the owlish type look like this!

Told you there were fruits on sticks.

Apparently there was an emergency.

The world-renowned Hope Diamond! Sorry for the crappy picture. It was dark and the thing was revolving and there were like 20 people trying to get pictures at once. I personally think the blue color makes it look kind of tacky, but that's just my unprofessional opinion. It's 45 carats, after all.

Washington Monument.

Again, with Tyler and Elizabeth.

And with Cisco enjoying the view. And Christian.

Wifey and husb!

The DC squirrels are insane. If you've never experienced them, well, you're missing out, my friend. They are like five times bigger than your average Joe squirrel, and about ten times as bold.


Thanks to my camera's pathetic capacity to only record 20-second videos, you don't get to see the actual squirrely battle, which ensued within seconds of the end of this clip. :( Sad day.